Monday, April 7, 2008

Exciting Week!

Why you might ask is this such an exciting week? First of all, we are getting tattoos on Wednesday. Second of all we get to have a big planning meeting with our awesome wedding coordinator CJ. So, this is going to be an awesome week!

We had a pretty heavy week last week to be honest. A lot of crazy things happened at once. Just a reminder that life does not always go as fact very rarely does life follow your plans. Despite the rough week and strange Saturday, the rest of the weekend was very good. Sunday brought some new life and fresh air back into our lives.

I do have to say, church was over the top even slightly hilarious this week. Jamie was talking about Satan and the presence of evil in the world...but they used very cheesy key board sounds and lights to distinguish between good (blue with angels) and bad (red with dragons and some eerie minor piano thing). Anyway, despite the cheese the service was great and had Amanda and I deep in conversation the whole time (writing back and forth in my journal).

We were both thankful to just talk alllll day long, hang out, and relax. This week is going to be killer! We will have tattoo pics up Wednesday night im sure :)

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