Monday, March 31, 2008

142 Days to Go

I can hardly believe how quickly the date is approaching! And yet, we still have a junk load of stuff to do haha. Invitations, decorations, all of that fun stuff. Anyway, not sure who is still keeping up with our blog but we have had a busy and crazy past few months. I am still learning so much about what it means to be a husband. I am continually being challenged by Amanda to raise the bar and by God to raise the bar as far as how I talk to Amanda and how we treat each other. No one has a perfect relationship or perfect marriage. It is very easy to hurt the people you are closest to. I found a cool verse recently that has really acted as a foundation for how we want to treat our soon to be marriage. "Therefore what God as joined together, let man not separate." Such a beautiful verse, straight from the mouth of JC. As I sit here thinking about this verse and thinking about the past few days I am realizing that the verse isn't just referring to other people outside of a relationship, it is talking to me as well. I am called to love, support, and cherish Amanda. She is called to do the same. This is an absolutely beautiful and amazing thing that I never want to take for granted. God brought us together. There is a reason for Amanda and I to be walking life together. I am a stubborn jerk nine times out of ten. I get defensive and selfish. The nice thing about blogging is that I can kind of say, "hey, I need to work on some things still. I do not have this whole being engaged and about to married thing down pat and would love some accountability."

To kind of move on here...I can hardly tell you all how excited I am to be with this amazing Woman. I cannot believe we are getting married in 142 days. I have no idea what we are going to do as far as money, living, school, and all of that but I can tell you there is no person in the entire world that I would rather figure life out with than Amanda Cook (Lipscomb).

See you all soon!

-DJ and Amanda

PS: We may or may not be getting tattoos this wednesday

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