Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Almost There!

Hello, everyone! Amanda here.
I figured I would update because I rarely feel motivated to write anything worth reading.
DJ and I are working away (two jobs for each of us) and saving our money the best we can. I never knew how easy it is to actually save money. With a little thought and effort, we have managed to save a lot of money (all that will eventually go out to bills and new apartment things next month!).
Needless to say, 2008 has been a hard year for the both of us...well most of us have had a challenging year. Our circle has taken some hard hits, but God remains faithful and continues to bring calm in the midst of every storm we've endured.
Father's Day was especially important to us this year. We celebrated with Mr. Lipscomb all day and just enjoyed all making it this far...I guess you can say our expectations are very different from previous years. We are so thankful for life and family.
What else? Apartment life begins in a matter of weeks for me (DJ will have to wait on the amazing independence from parents)! I can't wait to move in and start setting up our new life.
That's all for now.
Love you guys!

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