Friday, June 6, 2008

I dont think I even remember posting anything in the past few weeks although I think I posted something?

Great, already not making sense...pull it together DJ.

I am sitting at Starbucks right now listening to board tapes to try and learn guitar parts and just kind of in awe of my Creator. We live in such a broken world. But yet He makes this ugly place so amazingly beautiful even in the worst moments. He draws near even in the moments we are trying to pull away.

Everything that has happened to Amanda and I this year has created a faith in me that I never thought existed. I would not necessarily call it a normal type of faith as far as how the church looks at faith but wow, what a powerful work God is doing in my heart and the people close to me.

There are some hard days ahead for sure. But some amazing days are near as well. We are getting married in 78 days! I can hardly believe it! Life just seems so busy and rushed right now that on very rare occasions do we take a minute to just breathe and look at all of the awesome things we have to look forward to. God is working, moving, and teaching us to Love even more. I am so excited for the coming days.

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