Monday, May 26, 2008


So far 2008 has been quite a year. We are 89 days away from the wedding and have spent almost an entire month in Vanderbilt hospital. That is entirely too many days in the hospital for reasons no one should ever have to experience. One thing that has confused me a little bit is that so many times in life the only thing that shakes us up are the moments no one ever really wants to go through...such as pancreatic cancer or the death of a little girl. Why is this? Why are these the only moments that we feel so desperate that we are forced to rely on something bigger than ourselves?

I guess the tough moments are the moments where we are truly who we are.

Now we have to kind of keep going and finishing planning the wedding....which we could care absolutely nothing about. Amanda and I felt so bad for dale because his graduation happen to fall on the same day as Maria's memorial service....just an unnecessary juggling of emotions. So kind of a strange day of life and a new part of life I guess you could say. I will say this, God moved so powerfully at the memorial service...we could barely stand up.

God truly reveals himself in the moments where we need real, true, and beautiful love. Something His character demands Him to give to us. What a feeling to know we are protected .

89 days from now we get to be husband and wife. We get to live together. We get to live life together. I think we are ready for a new part of life....and although it has been a tough 2008 thus far, we are so thankful for the knowledge and life experience we have gained. I am not really sure if this blog makes any sense....just trying to get some of this out of my head. Please be praying for our other little brothers and their family as they are working through this moment. God is very real though and has been so true to His character.

On a semi fun note....although I did get in a wreck three weeks ago, Amanda and I are buying a VW Golf this week or next. Watch out Franklin! We will be rolling around in a pimp daddy car..?

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love you guys!!!