Monday, October 20, 2008

Following the Way

I have been challenged quite a bit the past few weeks to make sure I am following what God has for Amanda and I's new life together. The trick is not being lazy about listening to His voice and watching His hand move in your life. Amanda and I talked about the fact that it is not that we are angry with God or not expecting Him to do something, rather quite the opposite. We just expect things to happen therefore we don't hold up our end. We don't dig into the word and we don't spend time with our Father. Once you get out of the habit of spending some time alone with God, it is really difficult to start up again. All of that said, I fell really close to my God this morning, something I can honestly say has not happened in a while. Not that I have been sinning like crazy or giving God the middle finger, but I just haven't spent time with HIm. I know I need my God in my life now more than ever. I want to build such a beautiful picture of love for others to see that people cant help but stop and stare. Hopefully they can see this through Amanda and I's love for each-other and the life we have started together and maybe even through our actions towards others. Apathy is such an easy way out though. Just not caring is exactly what the enemy wants I think (yeah I know I am sounding mega Christianeese today).

All of that said, I think Amanda and I are both looking for that fire again. Trying to figure out how to light at at this point in our spiritual journey. Not trying to light an old fire, because honestly that fire has already been put out and is not worth restarting. Instead, searching for that new spark. God has really blessed us with an amazing life. I could not ask for anything more. I am the happiest an luckiest man on earth. But, I know that God calls me to give Him all of me and through that He takes what we think is a great life and makes it unbelievable. Not always good in our eyes, but a powerful and true image of God's love for us.

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