Friday, September 5, 2008

Two weeks later :)

Hi friends!

It has been a while since we posted anything so I figured you all would enjoy an update on the life of Mr. and Mrs. Lipscomb.

Married life is simply incredible. I don't think we have ever been happier in our lives! As can be seen in our pictures, we had an awesome time on our honeymoon. We pretty much did nothing but watch movies and relax...a much needed vacation. Living together is pretty much the coolest thing on the planet. I can't get over the feeling I get coming home to Amanda or waiting for her to come home knowing that I do not have to leave later on that night.

God really did design this thing perfectly. Such a testimony to what true Christianity, in my opinion, should look like. Serving each other, loving each other, and learning more about each other are all things we should be doing with everyone. What a beautiful picture it is to practice that with my best friend.

I hope all of you get to experience what Amanda and I share someday. I never imagined that being married could be as amazing as it is. Thank God for coming up with such a kick a idea ;)

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