Friday, August 8, 2008

Last deep breath!

I think that may have been the title to another blog but oh well.

Man, as many times as I have said it already I am in this place to say it again today. What a heavy year! Now that we are on the home stretch to our big day I find myself replaying all of the events that have come to pass so far this year...part of that do to the amazing interviews my band mates have done this week and part do to sharing our story with new friends. August 23rd is going to be such an incredible celebration. For me, it is a beautiful day of selflessness. I want everyone to enjoy this moment together with us. Marriage is a huge act of selflessness and I love it. I want to give myself up, let go of who I have been and become who I was made to be, for Amanda and ultimately for God. So, get ready for a party! It is time to celebrate the journey that 2008 has brought us, victories and failures, darkness and light.

I have had to take many deep breaths the past few days for sure. Just trying to wrap all of the details up. I have thought about everything so much I am not even sure I know what we have left to do :P

I am seriously scattered brained at the moment...what was I blogging about...well we are ready to egt married, ready to move on in 08, ready to start a new life, and ready ready ready reaaaadddy to see where God is leading us. That is all I can think of right now. This new journey. Im ready to start life over and so thrilled that I get to do that with my best friend. Wow, so beautiful. Anyway, I should stop before I continue to ramble.

See you in two weeks as the new Mr and Mrs DJ Lipscomb!


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