Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Night

Got back from Kentucky yesterday. Amanda was able to go with us this weekend for the gig in Lexington which was awesome. Thanks Aaron and Beth! I can't complain very much because I am not gone half as much as some of my good friends are, but being away from your loved ones is tough. This was the first weekend we had been together in almost a month and we were very thankful. I will say that Amanda is already asleep on the couch and has been for about an hour and a half...poor girl caught my cold and caught it much worse than I did.

This past week has been a really cool week. Well, this past month really. God is teaching me so much about what it means to be a husband. I have a hard time not being selfish in many situations. But, I am really learning and loving sacrificing what I may want in order to take care of my wife. And honestly, that makes me so much happier than anything I could ever do for myself. I am so thankful to have such a great best friend to walk life with and grow old with.

I have been working on hard on actually spending some time with the Lord and in the Word, something I lost quite a bit (or didnt make time for) in all of the chaos that was/is 2008. I am reading Rob Bell and Don Golden's new book right now titled Jesus Wants to Save Christians and loving it. Amanda and I are loving our church and small group as well. I think I can finally feel some water being poured back into my soul and man...once you get that taste in your heart all you want to do is drink more. Such a great feeling! I love digging and working through my faith no matter how hard and messed up it may become at times. I want to learn more and more what it means to love people the way that Jesus loved. Being married obviously paints that picture in a new light along with the everyday mess that seems to find its way into our path. The true test for me personally is where I let my heart go once I am stuck in the mess, and believe me it has been a messy year. I hope I have loved well. If not, I hope I can love better now.

Been working on some new songs here in the past coupe of weeks as well. I think I may have enough tunes to actually make a record of my own and I am very excited! Blogging has helped keep some of the creative juices (the very little I have) flowing so I think I will keep it up again....although this may not be good news for some of you ;) I appreciate everyone who shared their opinion on our political blogs despite some pretty hateful statements that were made. I hope we can all remember that we are on the same team here. We may not agree with one another but at the end of the day we do serve the same God who showed the same grace to all of us. Satan would want nothing more than for us to be a divided Body.

Well, Amanda just woke up (well more like sleep walked) into our bedroom so I suppose I will call it a night. Please keep my Poppa Bear in your prayers this week...long story short he is going in for another scan this week so the doctors can take a closer look at some things. Stupid cancer...thank God for the team of doctors Pops has though. Goodnight all and have a great week.

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