Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah yes, catch up time.

Good lord I could probably write a book based on the past few weeks of our life. Most exciting news of the weeks is that we changed our wedding date and that we are getting a Nintendo Wii on Sunday. Or at least I hope we are because I am getting up mega early to go to Target and get one that they arent sure is actually coming in. Oh well! Wow, we finally finished this semester up and somehow remained in one piece. I think I speak for both of us when saying that there were a few moments when we thought we were both about to go crazy. It has just been a really testing few months of engagement. A lot of crazy stuff has happened. Amanda and I were talking today about the fact that despite all of the madness that seems to collect itself around our life, we are still so in love and still falling more in love with one another. Being engaged is like getting to know someone on warp speed. You learn more in one week than you did over the entire time you were dating. Its crazy! But, learning about each other, what you like what you dont, what pisses one of you off but not the other, what kind of food you like or dont like, all of those silly little things really make a big difference. Knowing the little things is the difference between just knowing someone and actually knowing someone. I think it is safe to say that Amanda and I actually know each other and it is such a great feeling. We can sit and chat about anything and I love it.

Anyway, kind of went on a bunny trail there. Now I can't remember what I was going to tell you all about....we have had birthday's, thanksgiving, about to head to Texas for Christmas, finals, a really good date or two (I love going on dates...keep dating while you are engaged. We need to do that more and yes bebe that is my job). We had a really amazing engagement party thrown for us that I still dont know how to say thank you for. Phew, I feel like I am leaving a lot out but I just cant remember everything that has been going on. That should give you a picture of how crazy it has been though. Amanda bought her wedding dress yesterday! I suppose that is important as well ;) We are so thrilled to be done with school for a while and super excited about Christmas. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays whichever you prefer ;) Im sure Jesus doesnt really care...such a fuss over nothing.


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