Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wii have a story for you!

Sunday December the 16th began at 3am for Amanda and I. Wii were on a mission. After doing some babysitting, getting some extra cash from family, and deciding that wii wanted to go in together on a Christmas present, wii decided the only gift that could satisfy our hearts was the Nintendo Wii. At the time wii made this choice wii did not realize that the Wii is the most sought after Christmas gift of 2007. Once we finally had the cash to get it, wii began to search and see who actually had them in. Our journey lead us to BestBuy, who this morning would be selling a minimum of 20 Nintendo Wii's. After hearing this news, and hearing that the last time a shipment came in people were standing outside by 4am, wii decided to get up and be at Best Buy by 4am. Crazy? Yes, as a matter of fact it was pretty crazy. When I left my house around 3:30am it was snowing and 32 degrees. When wii got to Best Buy it was snowing on and off and still 32 degrees. So, wii brought a ridiculous amount of blankets, wore a ridiculous amoun of layers, and set for a ridiculous four hours. But, wii got our Nintendo Wii. Not only did wii get one, wii got two. One for us and one for my kid brother. After picking up our Wii's, Amanda and I went to Target to use a gift card and buy another game, Need For Speed.

Wii then headed back to her house to set up the Wii and get ready for our last day at the People's Church. Of course, the Wii made us a little late and wii forgot it was our last Sunday. Our last Sunday school at TPC was bittersweet but wii are excited to move on to Journey Ecclesia! After church, wii went back home and slept most of the afternoon.

To conclude our awesomness for the day, Dale (my bro) and I headed to GameStop, traded in all of our older systems/games, and ended up with three new games and $20 left over.

Basically, Wii have had a great day.

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I apologize for the usage of the "wii". -Amanda