Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lookin Fly Mr. Lipscomb

Thats right folks,
The gentlemen of this wedding party officially have their "Dress to Kill" outfits picked out for August 23, 2008. Pretty much the Lipscomb (and Lipscomb to be) wedding party is going to look super fly. Not only have us gentlemen picked out some serious awesome suits, my wonderful fiance and her bridesmaids picked out a beautiful dress for them to wear. I have heard rumor that my ladies wedding dress is pretty kickin as well although I am not aloud to hear the details of this dress.

178 days from now Amanda and I will be husband and wife. I have never been more excited about something in my entire life. We are going to have an amazing life together. God has been so faithful to show us the way and lead us down the path He has for our life has been an amazing journey.

Keep us in your prayers as we are finishing up the planning for the actual day. We are both getting over different bugs as well...been sick for a couple of weeks now...and we are both ready to be feeling better.

Thats all for now!

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