Thursday, December 11, 2008

Done for now folks.

So I am listening to people slide around outside of my apartment on the ice hoping they dont slide into our car. Man I hate ice...and I especially hate people who think they can drive on ice. Although I myself was once that idiot. Worst idea I have ever had in my entire life was to drive home on the snowiest iciest night of last year.

Anyway, we are done with school and that freakin rocks. Now we get to hang out, be on vacation, and be married. Yup, thats right, awesomeness in a can my friends.

I think we may both do some guitar playing and writing over the break which is pretty righteous. I love my woman!

Im still hearing cars on ice and that is not good.

Hey if you havent heard Bon Iver please go listen (Amanda would not endorse him but that is okay because she fell asleep during Prince Caspian tonight).

I feel change, rest, inspiration, and awesomeness in the air. Hope you guys feel it too this holiday season. See you soon!

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