Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Wheels on the bus

Yeahhhhhh thats right. On the bus tonight which is fun because I havent been on a bus in a while. Reminds me of how much I enjoy being on the road. Although now that I have such an amazing and beautiful wife it is a lot less fun to be away from home. In a perfect world she would get to go with me wherever I went. Maybe if I learn how to play guitar like John Mayer we can make that happen.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks have been awesome. Amanda and I have been so close and loving every minute we have had together. We were extremly excited to be able to do a little shopping this month for clothes and a variety of random items. For those of you who arent married you may think this sounds like no big deal but for those of you who are you can do a little happy dance/rejoice with us :) Just a really great month and we are looking forward to the holiday season.

I recently finished Rob Bell's latest book titled Jesus Wants to Save Christians. I tell ya, I dont deserve a relationship with my Creator or wisdom, or peace, or any of the other things He gives to me. I am so off of the mark half of the time it is to even funny. But for some reason God still speaks to me. This book was such a cool reminder of how God always hears my cry. Over and over throughout the Word you find God hearing the cries of His people. Such an amazing thing is it not? None the less we still find a way to turn our backs before we cry out again. And so the circle goes! I feel like after a long year, God is really drawing me back to His heart though and I am so thankful. Looking back, it is kind of like we weren't "spiritual" this year, and I say we because I think my wife would agree. We weren't spiritual but we were desperate for God. A very fine line to walk ya know? Really I want a balance of the two now. Being on one side or the other sucks. If you are to a point in your life that you are so desperate for God that all you can do is weep on your knees, that usually means life is pretty much in pieces and if you are super spiritual life is just fake. So I am ready for some balance again. I want to be desperate but with a sense of discipline to my faith. That has been my heart this week. My heart has really been broken for the poor and the widow again as well, another thing Bell's latest book delves into. Not really sure what God is preparing our hearts for but I know Amanda and I are extremely excited about what our future holds.

Sorry for the long and kind of rambling post...although most of my posts are like that. I hope you all know you are loved and that over the holiday season we get to catch up with you and hang and just freaking enjoy life. Till then, us lipscombs will party without you.

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