Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Day

Yesterday I was pretty down about the whole cancer mess. Today I woke up with a bit more strength despite my inability to fall asleep last night. So after Amanda left and I could not fall back asleep, I decided to just enjoy the quiet of the morning. This has turned out to be a good idea. I feel alive this morning. Good cup of coffee, good book, some U2 (again my wife with give me some disgruntled look later), and just a little time to get centered for the day.

Read a little Up Most for His Highest, a devo I always enjoy coming back to. Chambers always had some brilliant things to say. Then I picked up Searching For God Knows What and read a few pages of that. I started that book a year a go and still have not finished it so I decided it was time to get through it. I really enjoy reading anything that Donald Miller puts out because I feel like he and I think a lot a like. He doesnt seem to be comfortable with the typical Christan answers to questions. In this particular chapter he was talking about World War II and the wars we are facing today. There is one quote that really stuck out to me..

"Caesar, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Hussein...they all believed they were right, defending truth, doing what was best, propagating sentiments of patriotism to a nation-state, as though God Himself believed one country any better than another."

This is one of those quotes that hits me in so many ways besides the obvious of feelings towards war. My plan wasn't to write a whole blog on the quote but for some reason it just struck a chord in my heart today. I think it is very easy for us as the church to believe we are the only truth and the only way and the only hope and that if you arent a part of our nation you are screwed. We see this here in the US with denominations. Everybody honestly thinks they are right. I am thankful that many churches have let go of that today...and happy to be a part of one that does not believe that. It is easy to go there in our own personal thinking as well...I mean I can have such an ego sometimes.

There are so many times in my life where I have just sat back and pictured what the world would look like without the conflict of who is wrong and right, good or evil. I mean truly, can you imagine? What if we were able to bring the kingdom to earth in this manor just by changing our own personal hearts? Who cares who is right or fact we can't even be the judge of that. Other religions think they are just as right as Christians. What makes them so different? "Ah but DJ the Bible says.." well yeah I know what the Bible says. I think in my little fantasy world God really does love the whole world and he truly gave his one and only son for everyone who matter how that belief looks or how it comes about.

Not really sure how I got on such a tangent. For a long time I was seriously concerned about my spirituality and my relationship with God but the more I walk through life the more I realize, God just freakin accepts me right where I am. I dont have to do anything to make him love me.

Man, what a relief.

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