Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking Through It All

I'll tell ya what. This whole cancer thing sucks mega balls (just being real here sorry if I have already offended you). There are days when I hang in and days when it is just wearing on my soul. Please continue to keep Poppa Bear in your prayers.

Amanda and I are in the process of trying to sign over our lease to someone else in order to move closer to my parents. They only live twenty minutes away in Spring Hill but it is amazing what a difference that 10 miles makes. So if you know of anyone please please please send them our way. We can be outta of there at the drop of a hat :)

Other than the obvious mess that is hanging around us right now I think we all still have faith that God is at work...somehow. The whole thing just numbs my spirituality though. I dont really feel anything. So, I am trusting in everyone around us to keep hoping and to keep the faith..especially when we dont feel like it.

Sorry to drop such heavy crap on everyone...my heart is just there right now ya know? We love you guys very very much and despite the darkness are so excited to keep moving forward and watching God work through all of this.

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