Monday, October 29, 2007

417 days to go!

Quite a large number if you ask me but the more I think about it the more thankful I actually am. I woke up this morning thinking about how many things I personally have to learn about before Amanda and I get married. There are things to learn about money, how to be a good husband, how to be the head of the house hold, and how to let God continue to be a part of our relationship. Although the money thing makes me a little nervous I can honestly say I am excited to find out what all of those things look like in our life. I was laughing to myself last night while thinking about what it would be like to actually be living away from home. I really only "moved out" for a semester my freshman year so I dont even know if I know how to live on my own. Luckily I think Team Awesome can figure it out together (plus I would much rather figure it out as a team than on my own). It is great to have a place to just put my thoughts on how things are going. We are still just as excited, if not more, about being engaged than we were three weeks ago. We have kinda been going crazy with the planning but you know, we are who we are. Till next time.


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