Monday, October 29, 2007

Number two for today

I was just thinking on the way home how crazy this whole marriage thing is. I mean just in case you all didn't know, Amanda and I are getting married! That means we are spending the rest of our lives together! How unreal is that? I mean seriously, it is kind of crazy. I was thinking about how many things I get to do with this one girl that I randomly (or not so randomly for you faith based friends) met and fell in love with and I just go crazy! Half of the time I feel like such a dumb boy that doesn't deserve to be with such an awesome girl, but she still loves me and just kind of laughs and moves on you know? When you take a look around the world and see so many marriages falling apart this whole thing can get scary sometimes, especially because our generation has seen a major increase in the divorce rate. Even more frightening is the fact that most of that number is taken up by people in the church. I really believe this is something we can change and that I want to be a part of changing. Love is an amazing gift from God. The fact that He created one person for me to spend all of my life with, the good, the bad, the everything, blows my mind. It just kind of hit me tonight that Amanda is that girl for me 100%. She is everything I need and everything I have ever wanted. I want to be her everything and I want to be a part of change in our society that keeps this powerful Love alive. That is my prayer, this is my prayer, this blog really. A prayer that we wont give in to just giving up. My faith is crazy at best but I know one thing, I want people to know that I love God by the love I show to other people especially my wife.

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