Sunday, October 28, 2007


It feels like we've been looking at different invitations for months when, in fact, we've only been searching for a week or so. We've seen some of the most elaborate and beautiful invitations with a price that would make your jaw drop. I've been so overwhelmed by the cost of paper! It is unreal to see how much it costs to just let people know you're getting married.
As most young college students, we are on a tight budget so we originally said we wanted to spend $600 for 250 invites.
Last night, we were looking for some nice paper at Target and DJ picked up a box of Do-It-Yourself wedding invitations. They were beautiful and on clearance for 6 bucks! We purchased one box (50 invites) and tried out an invitation to see if we liked the quality. They looked amazing!
From there, we got the itch to find 4 more boxes in order to have enough to invite everyone. We drove to 3 different Targets and ended up with 3 more boxes. I called the Murfreesboro store at 9:15 and asked if they had it. They had one box, but they couldn't hold it or sell it to me over the phone! DJ and I looked at each other and decided we should try to make it to Target before they closed at 10:00. We raced from Old Hickory to Murfreesboro in 30 minutes! I still don't know how we did it.
So, instead of spending $600 on invitations, we spent a little over $30.
We are so thankful and humbled that these invitations were provided.
Other than that, we are still busy with the initial wedding planning.
We are continually blown away by the support and love of our family and friends. It is going to be an amazing journey.

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rie said...

hahaha you guys are stellar! and resourceful!