Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remembering to Slow Down

We've only been engaged for two weeks, but we've already set up the guest list (with almost all of the addresses on an alphabetized spread sheet), booked the ceremony/reception site, picked out colors and registered! Phew! Its amazing how much we've already accomplished in this short amount of time. But, I think its important that we remind ourselves to slow down and just enjoy this part of life. I'm already turning myself into a planning queen. So, I'm remembering to take time to do nothing at all.

DJ and I are so happy to be engaged, especially with the amazing support of our family and friends. Its been so encouraging to be affirmed in that way.
We love you all so much!

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Cliff and Kristine said...

Big fan of Team Awesome here - look forward to watching the journey of engagement and wedding-ness! - Kristine