Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 2- My Pharisee

The big thing that stuck out to me as I was reading through Ragamuffin was how judgmental I am...even when I think I am not. I am especially judgmental towards other Christians and even more towards the Church. I struggle with feeling almost resentment towards the church because of how bad I think they have screwed up Christianity in America. Same goes for many Christians. The truth is, that is me just thinking I am better than they are and that my faith...or lack there of most of the time...is better than theirs. That mean I am no better than the various religious leaders of the New Testament. Each group thought they were right and that everyone else was a sinner.

Who am I to judge another persons salvation? Who am I to say you are not hearing from God? God forgive me for the times I have done this. I want my heart to be clean. I want to truly love unconditionally.

I think my dad did an amazing job of just loving people. In fact, I think he is the best example I have of someone who truly just loved people and never needed to speak loudly about his faith. I got really sad this morning thinking about how such an amazing example was right in front of me yet many times I dont think I let him know how much I respected him for his faith and love. But the truth is, it impacted me and countless other people and I KNOW he knew that. I am honored to continue his legacy and hope I can do half as good of a job as he did.

I will say this....even after two mornings of just digging in I can already feel a large weight taken off of my heart. I am excited and anxious to hear from God again...or just be a little quieter than before so I can truly listen.

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