Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Baby L :)

I cant even begin to describe how excited I am about having a little Lipscomb on the way. Okay so it was kind of a surprise, but we are thrilled none the less. Just so everyone knows, we are still very early. Amanda is probably about 5 weeks into this deal...which is very early to tell folks, but we were just so excited and wanted to have a support team around us no matter what each week brought. So, pray that baby L is doing his/her thing and that everything goes smoothly.

So as you can imagine I have not really been reading or doing much the past few days. Despite this, God has already been changing both my heart and Amanda's. It is absolutely amazing to see the instant connection a mother has with her child. The love we both have for this little nugget is unreal. I am so proud of my wife and so excited to get to be a parent with her. Anyway, yeah but just in case you dont believe in God....wait until you get pregnant. The whole process of having a baby being formed inside momma L is insane! Every day is perfectly planned as far as how much the baby grows, when the organs start working, when the heart starts beating, etc. It is insane! I can't get over it! I really believe that God's hand is on each and every child that patiently waits inside their mother's womb. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

I am so thankful to have had a great dad to learn this whole thing from. Part of me was bummed that I can't ask questions and vent and be scared in front of him, but my mom reminded me that God knew when dad was going to go home which means whether I feel it or not right now, my dad already taught me everything I need to know.

Finally, my wife would be mad if I did not inform you all of how we actually found out we are pregnant. So, Wednesday morning of last week Amanda got up and took a test before she went to work. I was just barely awake but I remember her saying it was clear...although she did ask me to get up and double check her. After agreeing that we were in the clear I made the ironic statement "We tricked fate once again!" Yeah, joke was on us. About an hour later I got up and walked into the bathroom. I noticed that Amanda had not thrown away the pregnancy test....more importantly I noticed a blue plus sign on the test that had not been there earlier. A little confused I kind of moved on and waited till Amanda got home to show her. Well, it was a good thing I waited because she freaked. Three more tests later and a blood test we confirmed that she was in fact pregnant. So I was the one who found out there was a little baby L in her belly....had I not seen that test we probably would have just found out. Pretty crazy and funny :)

Aight, thats it for now. We will keep everyone updated on our little nugget!

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