Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4/5- My Carpe Dieum

Didnt have a chance to blog yesterday....and actually havent really read or written much this morning. Got up early with my wife and went to Starbucks. Had a pretty crazy/exciting day yesterday. More on that in the coming days :)

Had a great chat with one of my best friends Mr. Wyatt Sassman yesterday at Fido(s). We always have these awesome spiritual conversations. I always walk away feeling uplifted and re energized. He and I are totally on the same wavelength about God's presence on earth, how that effects us individually and collectively, and how that plays into other religions, world issues, etc. Insight from another person is always an encouraging thing. Remembering that God is out there and loves us right where we are is also an amazing thing.

Not sure i have much else to say right now. Thankful to be digging through all of this and feeling the presence and joy of God slowly return and be revealed to me.

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